The Super Punch

The Super Punch

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  • Punch out what you see, making it easy to align your material

  • Punch out your own blanks as you need them in the color and quantity you want

  • Make efficient use of your engraving stock

  • Easy to operate and portable

  • Interchangeable dies


  • Both punch and die are made with hardened tool steel providing many years of use

  • Available in 1 inch, 1 1/2 inch, and 2 inch Sizes

Look at the cost savings of punching your own discs!

Material Pre-cut Punching Your Own* Punch Savings
Aluminum .025 inch .20 each .05 each .15 each
Brass .020 inch .35 each .13 each .22 each
Brass Plated Steel .015 inch N/A .08 each —–
Sublimation Aluminum .025 inch .40 each .09 each .31 each
Engraving Plastics .060 inch N/A —– —–

*Cost is based on 12 inch x 24 inch sheet

Super Punch with 1 Inch Die


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