The SNAP EZ™ System

Promotional Keychains and Items You Can Customize

We are committed to helping you, our valued customer, to develop and increase your own business using the SNAP EZ™ system. Using the SNAP EZ™ system, you can produce one or two, a dozen, or hundreds of items with a name, logo, or your own custom graphic design.

This unique system is an ideal solution you can do yourself simply, easily, and cost-effective for small or large quantities. Take a look at the different products available by clicking on each one. Contact us or give us a call if you have further questions or need help in selecting the right products for your needs. 1-800-777-4992

How Does It Work?

Using your own regular paper and your printer, it’s easy to create your own custom graphics to insert into the keychain products. We provide templates for a number of popular software packages. Absolutely no need to buy special paper, special inks, or printers. Any printer will do! It’s really that easy!