You’ve probably already noticed that, the official U.S.A. Buttons web site, has a brand new look. And if you keep coming back to our site over the next few months, you’ll note that we’re continuing to make some big improvements.

There’s a good reason that we strive to make the U.S.A. Buttons web site excellent. We’ve found that a number of our customers rely on the web as their source of news and information as it relates to our products and industry. In other words, our customers are smart and technology-friendly, so we want to offer a site that’s truly a valuable resource to you.

We try to make this site as useful as possible to you by giving you much more than just glitzy promotional info. For example, nearly all of our products can now be ordered online and we’ve provided more information about our products and about button making in general.

We hope you enjoy the new look and feel of You should find it easy to navigate and use. As always, we want to hear from you with your feelings about the U.S.A. Buttons web site. Ideas for improvements, gripes about problems and even the occasional compliments are all welcome. You can send anything regarding these matters to

Thanks, and enjoy.
The U.S.A. Buttons Web Team