You can now add a new dimension to your business, hobby or fundraising: customized key chains and other promotional items. USA Buttons is now offering a unique keychain system, a high-quality line of Zamac-injected key rings, acrylic key rings, and machines to assemble a wide range of shapes and sizes.

Designed with you in mind, this system provides the ability to provide popular products as well as room to add new products as your business grows.

What can you do with the Keychain System:

  • Customize key rings, just using any type of printed paper
  • Produce one or two, a dozen, or hundreds of items with a name, logo, or your own custom graphic design
  • Simple, easy, do-it-yourself solution
  • Cost-effective for small or large quantities
  • Promote your business or cause with professional key chains, bottle-openers, pins, rulers, bottle stoppers and more…

How does it work?

Using your own regular paper and your printer, you can easily create your own custom graphics to insert into the keychain or other promotional products. We provide templates for a number of popular software packages. Absolutely no need to buy special paper, special inks, or printers. Any printer will work.

Learn more about the keychain system, our newest product line for the promotional industry